Hierophants is members of Frowning Clouds and Ausmuteants moonlighting as new wave punks with a thing for krautrock. This single came out on the Italian label Goodbye Boozy and seems to be sold out of its limited run of 250 copies already. Not surprising, but somewhat disappointing since I’ve yet to get a copy. 

It’s an EP. It’s a 7-inch. It’s a download. It’s Wimps follow-up to last year’s great debut album. Distraction reminds me of the Intelligence with its rattling riff, marching repetition and general catchiness. The record is out now on Help Yourself Records. Now if I could just find this single at a record store in town. What the heck?

Seattle’s Neighbors have put of some good songs, but my favorite might be this one. The 90’s were certainly influential on these youngsters, but they take their Pavement, Hefner, Versus, and Wedding Present influences and put an entirely new millennial perspective on the whole shebang. It’s raw, rocking, heartfelt and inspired. Muscle Grrl is from their upcoming record. Look for it soon on BADH.

Tense Men is a mysterious collective of replicants from Sauna Youth, Cold Pumas and Omi Palone. They, like most bands on the Faux Discx label, dig Joy Division, Gang of Four and the Velvet Underground. Repetition and hidden daggers abound here. Watch out for their 12” EP ‘Where Dull Care Is Forgotten’ out on 10 March on Faux Discx