Do you like free butter? How about free records? Butter the Children have just put up their album for free downloading up at their bandcamp site. True Crime is the New York band’s debut album. Unlike U2, they aren’t forcing it on you. They don’t have to, it’s good enough to actually go to the effort of downloading it for free. 

The new Primitive single is TDF!

Paellas are from Osaka, Japan. Their new 7” single is oozy, thick and gooey with a killer beat that will make you want to wiggle parts of you that you didn’t know you could wiggle. Cat Out is a flash of brilliance in the vein of Your Twenties and Metronomy. Now if I could only afford the $20 postage charge to send this single from Japan to Seattle. Calling all US disto’s!

Also worth checking out are the five remixes of of Cat Out

I can’t get enough of this piano ballad by Peter Escott. Escott is in the band Native Cats who hail from Tasmania. This is his first solo record and it’s called The Long O. If you dig Blue Nile, Robyn Hitchcock, John Maus and Microdisney you are gonna like this. 

The third album from Austin, Texas noiseniks Spray Paint is out September 23 2014 on Monofonus Press. In the meantime there is this song from it and a new 7” on Upset the Rhythm. When it rains it pummels you from all directions. 

I suppose you could classify Hollie Cook's second album (appropriately titled Twice) as Reggae, but it's also much, much more. It's a cocktail on sandy beach, a cool breeze on a hot sticky day and a dusky cool down. Cook who is the daughter of Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook, describes her music as tropical pop which is right on. 

This four song EP from UK trio Feature should be on your radar if you dig stuff like Wire, Grass Widow and Electrelane. Dig the Supergrass cover too!

The Pheromoans sing on Vagabond Hits 40, “they’re selling my 20’s back to me.” This is exactly what it seems that many bands these days are doing to me these days. The 90’s were the decade of my 20’s and this new Mazes song sounds like it came from that era. All of this is not a bad thing in my estimation. I’ll gladly by my 20’s back for the price of a record or two. 

I’ll have to wait until September 8th to buy this slice of my life when “Wooden Aquarium” comes out on Fat Cat Records.

Heard this today on the internet. Wow, the internet is cool.